About Us


We are motivated by the belief that:

• Everyone should have the right to breathe smoke-free air

• No one should have to avoid a public place because smoking is allowed

• Workers should never have to choose between their health and a paycheck

Though 78% of the people in Louisiana don't smoke, there is no statewide policy against smoking in our public spaces.


We work with local municipalities, smoke-free advocates, business owners, employees, faith-based leaders, community stakeholders and others to advocate for smoke-free environments. The 2006 Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act eliminated smoking in all public places—this includes restaurants, but exempts bars and gaming facilities.

We will continue to work tirelessly with coalitions and state legislators to close this gap statewide and eliminate smoking in ALL spaces and places.

It's time for Louisiana to stop holding its breath.


Our policymakers are unwilling to take a stand against the tobacco industry, the gaming industry, their lobbyists and their financial contributions. To move forward, we need to take that stand as citizens to overcome the influence that these industries have over our policymakers.

Why does this matter? It matters because every year, Louisiana taxpayers spend $1.89 billion in tobacco-related healthcare costs. And we consistently rank at the bottom of national health rankings. The time has come to move forward toward our smoke-free future.