Town of Woodworth passes 100% smoke-free work place policy (including bars and gaming facilities).

Facts & Information about the Town of Woodworth

The passage of a local policy, in the Town of Woodworth, April 15, 2012, to make all workplaces 100% smoke-free, represents another exciting turning point for public health in Louisiana.

The passage of a local policy, in the Town of Woodworth, effective April 2012 to make all workplaces 100% smoke-free, represents another exciting turning point for public health in Louisiana. The Smoke-Free Ordinance, will prohibit smoking in all enclosed public places of employment including future bars and gaming facilities.

Thanks, Mayor David Butler and local policymakers for their support in response to citizens who want and deserve clean, healthier, smoke-free air, we will all breathe a little easier in the upcoming year and beyond! When The Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act (Act 815) passed in 2006 it eliminated smoking in restaurants and most public places, but exempted bars and gaming facilities, it also gave local governments the ability to enact stronger, local, smoke-free policies. The Town of Woodworth is now among other Louisiana municipalities and national leaders in an effort to protect all from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

In October 2011, Alexandria unanimously passed the first 100% local smoke-free ordinance, the town of Woodworth passed the second. In January 2014, Monroe, West Monroe and Ouachita Parish implemented a 100% smoke-free policy. Act 211 requires all public universities statewide to develop smoke-free campus policies, by August 2014. Louisiana state and local policymakers are beginning to "Join the Movement" to make Louisiana "Healthier for All".

The Town of Woodworth Ordinance Eliminates Smoking in All Workplaces, including Future Bars and Gaming Facilities. Other coverages included, but not limited to:
  • Retail tobacco businesses
  • Public transportation vehicles
  • Sports arenas, including enclosed places in outdoor arenas
  • 25 feet outside entrances and operable windows
  • In and at all outdoor arenas including but not limited to bleachers and grandstands at sporting and other public events
  • In and within 25 feet of enclosed outdoor seating or serving areas of restaurants and bars
  • In and within 25 feet of all outdoor playgrounds
  • In and within 25 feet of all outdoor public transportation stations, platforms and shelters under the authority of the Town of Woodworth
  • All outdoor places of employment including construction sites, temporary offices, restroom facilities and vehicles
How to Comply

No Smoking Signs, or the international No Smoking Symbol must be clearly posted, and ashtrays must be removed where smoking is prohibited. Penalties may be cited by any law enforcement officer and by code enforcement officials while an establishment is undergoing otherwise mandated inspections.


Whoever violates any provision of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be punishable by a fine of not less than $100 but not more than $500 or imprisonment of not more than 60 days in jail or by both fine and imprisonment . In addition to the fines established by this ordinance, violations of this section by a person who owns, manages, operates, or otherwise controls a public place or place of employment may result in the suspension or revocation of any permit or license issued to the person for the premises on the which the violation occurred. Each day on which a violation of this section occurs shall be considered a separate and distinct violation.

The Louisiana Tobacco Quitline

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The Smoking Cessation Trust

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